Tips for those who want to write for a fee

The Internet is daily filled with thousands of new pages. Logically, the content you are reading is the result of someone’s work. However, not all texts reflect real experience with a certain product.

Strangely enough, the authors of nearly 50% of news, articles and other things on the Internet are not copywriters who start everything from scratch, but rewriters. The conclusion is very simple: the demand for the job in the market is beyond doubt


Now, let’s have a look at the situation when different online stores are challenged to describe the same product. It is clear that to attract the customer attention for the product their sites must provide a unique text material. Well, how do they do that? There are three options:

  • to turn to professional copywriters;
  • to write the text themselves;
  • to copy it from a competitor’s site.

But what to do if the first option is unaffordable, the second is “mission impossible” due to lack of skill, and the third one is not exactly legal? And that’s when they address the rewriter, who will do everything at an affordable price.

A professional will present an original text in other words, whether campaign speeches, scientific articles or writing essays for money while guaranteeing the text uniqueness and preserving its original meaning.

Basic skills

To be a good rewriter, you first need to have basic skills. The most important is a good knowledge of the language.

Competent proficiency in the language is access to a decent job and sustainable income. Do not be lazy to go into the details of grammar, punctuation and spelling, as well as carefully check your work before handing in.

And special skills:

  • quick typing;
  • fresh thinking;
  • rapid processing of a large mass of information;
  • the ability to use plain language for complicated things;
  • the ability to focus on the facts only;
  • the ability to draw the reader’s attention;
  • patience;
  • attention to detail.

It is desirable for you to be a versatile personality and constantly read to become more intelligent and erudite. Anything. After all, you will face diverse topics and you have to be prepared for anything.

Where to start?

Start by registering in the global job marketplace. Choose any, the web is full of them.

And then take a few simple orders for the rating, practice that and build a portfolio. With due diligence and desire for self-improvement, your skills will improve, and you can move on to other better-paid job offers.

And try to do your best to please employers to make sure they never forget you in the future.


The first test case in this area does not require special education. That’s what practice does for you. But first, you will increase the pace of your development under the care of more experienced colleagues.

Do not enter into debates, but just listen carefully and try to understand better the types of client complaints.

Over time, you will start noticing what is inappropriate, banal, and so on. And remember that some customers will always be happy to nitpick, don’t hesitate.

And one more thing. Rewriting could be beneficial when working in marketing, in journalism and in many other areas. It is better to try yourself in several directions than to stand still and not develop at all.

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