The descriptive essay has been marked among the most difficult ones to write for the writers who are just starting their writing path. That has brought many problems for the authors, as they have faced a new wave of descriptive essay tasks. Due to the fact that such essays are not the easiest to write, they are assigned by many teachers nowadays. Also, they are pretty often ordered at some places to be written. And not every author is able to do the task correctly. That brings us to a dilemma of how to fix such a situation so that all of the sides will be happy about the things which are going on. Well, in many cases, you can just ask for a different topic. In other cases it is easier to find a good online writing service that would write your descriptive essay for you. For example, at the they will not charge you with a lot of money, while you will be able to get a high-quality text that was written by the professionals. Moreover, you can pick your own terms for the project to be done in. However, for those who are writing the texts on their own, it is best to find a great topic that will be easy to write, yet interesting. And this article is going to help you with this task.

Here are some of the great ideas for your descriptive essays that you can use in the high schools or colleges. Moreover, you can even try to use them at your job if you have a task that is related to this genre. However, remember, that in many cases it is best to create your own topic that will be really easy to write for you. Yet, if out of ideas, why not use the ready ones.

  1. Describe your latest nightmare that you had
  2. Create a picture of the people walking on the street
  3. Give your expressions of a small tourist town that you have been to
  4. Tell about your bedroom
  5. Give some details about a photograph
  6. A Halloween costume that would scare people the most
  7. Tell about your first concert
  8. The impression of meeting a new person in your life
  9. Describe your best friend
  10. Create a picture of a classroom during the exam

Some of these topics ideas would fit great into almost any type of descriptive writing task. However, make sure that you are allowed to use the topics like this, as some teachers like to give the special amount of topic types that you can use in your texts. If you can see that there are no restrictions on how to write the text and what to do, you can always go ahead and use some of the topics from this list. Also, this article is going to give you some hints on how to create your own perfect topic that will be easy to write as it is something that you are familiar with, and at the same time really great to read.

First of all, make sure that you have remembered a couple of places that you remember really well. The more interesting details you can find in your memory, the better your text will be in the end. In this case, try to tell the reader your impressions and memories about the place in the text. Sometimes you might even get in the nostalgia. That is why such texts are really interesting to read. The writers are giving away their soul among the strings of text. The other great way to create a topic for your descriptive essay is to find a person that you know everything about. Sometimes the authors use the picture of a famous person, while the others like to write about their relatives and close friends.

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