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Custom Designs by Nostalgic Imprints 

If you enjoy vintage prints as much as I do, you will love these custom designs by Nostalgic Imprints. This Etsy shop owner creates stationary, guest books and photo albums for weddings.

Photos by Nostalgic Imprints

These unique designs present your wedding photos in memorable ways, and these make for fun keepsakes for yourself and your guests.

The shop also offers a few unique alternatives to traditional guest books, offering wedding mad libs, a "fun facts" page for the bride and groom, and guest book cards featuring a newlywed game!

Whatever your style, these products are pure fun. I hope you are inspired for your own wedding prints!


DIY Wedding Projects with Washi Tape

Ever heard of Japanese Washi Tape?

Washi tape comes in a variety of colors, patterns and palettes, mainly used in the worlds of scrapbooking and stationary. Basically, Washi tape is high quality masking tape made up of rice paper (usually imported from Japan). Not only is Washi tape inexpensive, it is one of the most versatile products of the paper industry—you can tear it, stick it, or write on it. And, if you need to, removes easily after use.

Photo by 464 Handmade

Washi tape is the perfect material for creating your own DIY wedding projects. Here’s a few for you to think about for your own wedding:

Matching Wrapping Paper and Tags

Photo by Poppytalk

Use Washi tape to match plain wrapping paper and tags together.

Colorful Table Runners

Photo by SBChic

For table runners, Washi tape will add a splash of color and texture.

Layered Banners

Photo by Hambly Screen Prints

For paper banners and garlands, layer the Washi tape to match your theme colors.

Customized Vases

Photo by Sweet Paul

Add strings of Washi tape to your vases to add a splash of color!

Start thinking about some of the wedding DIY projects you can do with Washi tape. They can be a great resource!

Happy Tape and Cute Tape are two great resources if you're looking to get some rolls of your own. Have fun!



Valentine's Day Inspired Paper Products for Your Wedding

Yes, as Valentine's Day approaches, brides may find the search for wedding decor to be a little easier. Etsy in particular is a treasure trove of Valentine's Day inspired paper products that can be used for weddings.

Etsy sellers 3 Girls and a Goat features Valentine's Day inspired garland, all handmade. Their online shop also offers cards, gift tags, stickers and mobiles.

Photos by 3 Girls and a Goat

If you're thinking about Valentine's Day inspired wedding stationary, Fiddleheads for Fiona repurposes old book pages for cardstock that is both sentimental and creative.

Photos by Fiddleheads for Fiona

Paper banners and hanging embellishments are easily incorporated into wedding decor. Esty seller Paper Altar has banners, hanging ornaments and decorations all inspired by Valentine's Day.

Photos by Paper Altar

Remember to check out Etsy to find some of your favorite paper products!


Personalized Embossers for your Wedding

On Tuesday we discussed some of the ways we can upgrade your stationary through your own personal calligraphy art. Today, let's look at another fantastic way to upgrade your wedding paper products, a personalized embosser by Williams-Sonoma.

Photos by Williams-Sonoma

Their embossers add your own monogram, name or address to book pages, gift tags, letters and more. This set includes the embosser, an embosser stand and your choice of personalized plate.

So, let's look at some of the fun ways we can use embossers.


Embossing adds a personal touch to your books, stationary, gift tags, recipe cards and more!

For more information, visit their product page. They've got some great gift ideas as well as some creative uses for the embosser.



How to Fake Beautiful Calligraphy for your Wedding Stationery

While I have yet to hold a calligraphy pen, I love the essence of the script. It’s the perfect font for wedding invitations, letters, and stationary.

A recent blog post from the Jones Design Company recognizes the importance of calligraphy but, admittedly, understands that not everybody owns a calligraphy kit. And, like them, we would love to be able to imitate this art for ourselves without learning a whole new system of lettering.

Photo by Decor8

And so, I suggest that we fake it.

You don’t necessarily need a calligraphy kit to create calligraphy script for your wedding. And this post shows you how to do it just like that. First, find a good fine tip ink pen.  You can buy them at your local office supply store.

Next, pick a letter, any letter. You can either practice with pencil first or just try it out freehand.

To give your letter that calligraphy flair, fill out the strokes and thickness of the lines. For example, when the pen stroke draws in a downward direction, draw an adjacent line and fill it in.

Great! Let’s look at another example, the word, ‘love.’

And now with the downward strokes filled:

That's it!

Keep practicing with the rest of the alphabet, keeping in mind what letters you will be using for your own purposes. Make sure you have adequate practice time before you write on your formal paper. Remember, your calligraphy doesn't require an exact formula for perfection. Make sure your lettering reflects your own personality and flair. Enjoy experimenting with different strokes and lines.

Once you've mastered the art of faux calligraphy, let’s take a look at a few of the ways we can use it for your wedding:

Invitations, letters, and stationary

Photos by Betsy Dunlap

Table numbers and place cards

Photo by Plurabelle Calligraphy

Personalized name tags

Photo by Plurabelle Calligraphy

Chalkboard art and menus

Photo by Plurabelle Calligraphy

And there you have it. Wedding calligraphy script without the kit.