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5 Ways to Keep your Guests on the Dance Floor 

One of my favorite wedding reception traditions is when the guests of the bride and the groom kick off their shoes and make it to the dance floor. While many guests shy away from the dancing portion of the evening, there are some fun ways to encourage your guests to get out there and dance.

Song Requests

One way to get the group to the dance floor is to take song requests from your guests to ensure that you’re playing what they love to dance to. You can leave room on your RSVP cards to take requests, have close friends and family members take a poll of their favorite songs on your wedding website.

Photo by Bow Ties and Bliss

Songs with Activities (The Snowball Dance)

If you can get the crowd engaged right from the very beginning, they are sure to stay on the dance floor. After the traditional dances, have the wedding party with the bride and groom dancing. After a few moments, have your DJ stop the music. Everyone on the floor now has to go off and find a dance partner. Have this pattern repeating until the dance floor is full!

Two-Step it with Lessons

Whether it’s ballroom, swing, tango, or limbo, it’s always fun to have an engaging teacher on the dance floor by having dance lessons with your guests. Check out this couple who had traditional Greek dancing at their wedding reception.

Photo by MegPhoto


When you are planning out your reception, make sure that the logistics for the area is optimized for dancing. Make sure you have enough space for your guests and, if possible, have your dance floor right in the middle of the reception area so that is accessible. And, if you can plan it this way, place your family and friends who love to dance closest to the dance floor.

Set a Dance-y Example

Finally, set an example for your guests. This is a good chance to enlist the help of your bridal party. Ask them to get the festivities started by encouraging others to to the floor.

And finally, get yourself and your groom on the dance floor, and your guests are sure to join right in!

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