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Pinatas and Garland by Confetti System

Do you enjoy events with plenty of sparkle?

Confetti System is an online shop of all things confetti. They transform tissue paper, cardboard, and silk to create an event atmosphere like no other.

Photos by Confetti System

Not only do they sell confetti, pinatas and garlands, but Confetti System has been featured alongside top labels like Martha Stewart, Harper's Bazaar and J. Crew.

Confetti System also sells tissue paper and metallic foil flowers in different color combinations.

My favorite pieces are the unique tassel garlands. Each garland is 12ft. long with tassels ranging from 11-16" long.

There are some fantastic uses for these garlands and colorful pieces for your wedding. Use them as decor for your rehersal dinner, ceremony area, or reception hall!


DIY Paper Cones 

I don’t know about you, but I love the simplicity of paper cones. Not only are they cost-saving and easy to make, there are a ton of fantastic uses for them at weddings. For example,

*Wrap flowers in the cones for the bridal bouquet or for the bridesmaids’ bouquets

*Fill with small treats or desserts to hand out at the reception

*Have guests fill the cones with candy at the end of the reception as take-away treats

One of my favorite uses of wedding paper cones, however, is to fill them with confetti to toss at the bride and groom.

Photos by Heartmade Blog

So, I put together a very simple tutorial I based off of a DIY from the Heartmade blog. All you need are:

*Your favorite style of paper (such as paper doilies)


*Silicon glue

*Decorative items (such as buttons, colorful thread, and stickers)


*Calligraphy pen


After wrapping your doilies, fill them with confetti and use the silicon glue to seal them up. Make sure they are fully dried before you begin to decorate. Then, style them up! Use your tags and calligraphy pen to write fun messages and thank-yous to your guests!



Celebrate with DIY Confetti Shooters! 

A few days ago, one of my favorite blogs, You Are My Fave, did a DIY on confetti shooters.

These shooters are incredibly easy to make and really fun for guests to use. They are also a great alternative to rice, flower petals, birdseed, or bubbles.

Photos by You Are My Fave

Here's the supply list:

Mini push-pop containers (these were bought at Garnish)

A 3/4'' dowell cut to 1.5'' long

Your personal stash of confetti

Tissue paper

Glue gun


Here's what you do: 

Glue the wooden dowel to the base of the push-up container, then place it back inside. Next, fill the rest of the container with your supply of confetti. Use a small square of tissue paper to cover the top of the container and secure it with tape. Then you're done!

Now that our confetti shooters are made, let's look at some of the ways your guests can use them to celebrate your day:

Have the guests line up as the bride and groom exit the ceremony, just before they get in the car for the reception area, or have them wait until after the reception as they leave for the honeymoon. As the guests pop the confetti shooters, make sure your photographer is in place to catch that perfect moment!