Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. 

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. That's all we can say. It's amazing how simple hanging lights can transform a room.

Photo by Emilia-Jane


Sidewalk Chalk can be your Friend 

I know, I know. We're needlessly getting you excited over Spring. But we simply couldn't wait to put out this idea! If you're having an outdoor wedding, sidewalk chalk can be a formidable ally. These chalk-and-flour hearts are so sweet for your walk down the aisle.

Photo by Guerilla Weddings

The full tutorial is found at Guerilla Weddings, and it's an inexpensive, eco-friendly way to decorate your walk! Here are a few pictures to browse through.


Spring 2013 Dress Trend: Keyhole Backs

What do we have to look forward to in wedding dress trends this spring? We'll tell ya.

Keyhole backs. It's a cute peek-a-boo space at the back of the dress to form a number of beautiful shapes. If you enjoy showing off your back and want to give them a little something to look at when you walk away, this could be a cute cut for you. Here's a few samples to look at!

Photo by MyWedding

Photo by Wedding Inspirasi

Photo by George Street Photo


12 "Rules" any Bride can Break. 

Are you a non-traditional bride? Even if you aren't, not many want to be burdened by the tasks, etiquette, and rules that seem to follow a traditional wedding. We declare that it's your day, and you can make your own rules if you so choose.

Photo by Bridaldressin

This fantastic article is brought to you by The Stir. 12 traditional rules you can feel free to break when the stress to follow them just doesn't seem worth it. Here's a preview, and you can check out the article for the rest!

Using "formal" wording on the invitation: Some family and friends appreciate informal language on invitations. Writing them up in your own words is personal and familiar.

Wearing a veil or designer shoes for the photos: If you have a preferred style and choose not to wear a veil or expensive heels, it's your decision. It's actually an opportunity to save a little money from your budget!

Having an equal bridesmaids-to-groomsmen: Again, try not to make important decisions based on what will look best in your wedding photos. If you want four women standing by your side and your groom wants two, your day will be just as beautiful.

Going on the honeymoon right away: Sometime's it's worth it to wait two weeks or a couple of months or even a year for the honeymoon. This gives you extra time to plan and save a little money in the process.

Be sure to read the article for the rest! And don't be afraid to be a rule-breaker.



Don't be the girl on the right. 

Embarrasing photos exists. Let's just take a moment to recognize that.

Photos by Know your Meme

Many times, it's not our fault. Bad lighting, we say, or the wrong angle. Or worse, a shapeless outfit. So how do we avoid this in our wedding photos, ladies? I will tell you how. Becoming more photogenic is possible-- even if you have a number of photos that say otherwise. It just takes practice.

iVillage has this great article which helps you avoid faces like these.


Can you believe they're the same person? They are. Being purposeful in front of the camera is all it takes. Here's some of the listed advice they give:

Practice your pose.

Twist slightly to look slimmer.

Tilt your head to avoid a double chin.

Apply mascara to top lashes only (this hides puffiness).

Minimize shine with a little matte powder.

Keep yourself hydrated.

Maybe lay off the alcohol until after the photos.

Smile and be yourself!

That's it, ladies! So remember, be purposeful about looking good in your photos. Don't be the girl on the right.

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